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Buddha Heart Yoga-Dylan Hendrix-Art of The Storm
A Collection of Divinely Inspired Poems, Short Stories, Contemplations, Prayers, Mantras & Meditation
Art of The Storm is a collection of divinely inspired poems, short stories and reflections inspired through Dylan’s daily meditation journey, yoga practices, and connecting with nature.
The poems in this collection will bring light and wisdom to its readers through its inspired writing, illuminating the heart and mind.
My hope is to be a poet of light. To allow the wisdom and words of these poems to evoke inner inspiration and to heal.
Much love, Dylan Hendrix
The storm is a symbol of transformation, rebirth and change. That which seems shadowed by uncertainty, confusion, doubt and peril is in reality the ``dark night of the soul`` which leads the author to discover many hidden treasures.
That which brings about the meaning of life and touching that space beyond the materialistic conception of time. As such, The storm is representative of becoming skillful in the art of living life in the fullest and infinite variety. Fearlessly and with courage to step into the greatest potential and highest being. Aligning to the melody of the universe.
Dylan Hendrix is a poet, teacher of yoga, spiritual pilgrim and champion of respect, integrity, self-acceptance and kindness. His own life journey has given him an unusual eye for the beauty and interconnectedness of life, and made him sensitive to the human condition.
In this beautiful volume of poetry, hopefully the first of many more, Dylan shares his unique perceptions and insights, inspired by meditation, yoga and connecting with nature. His self-reflective poems and contemplations speak to the heart.
Simon Haas, teacher of yoga philosophy and author of The Book of Dharma: Making Enlightened Choices
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